ROHN 25JBK Bolt Kit
G Series Wall Bracket
Side Arm Mount
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continental United States via this website. Please
call or e-mail to order.
Allows you to wall mount the base of a bracketed 25G
tower. This wall mount gives you the ability to install
more load than is typically available on a standard wall
mount. The wall mount also helps to keep the ground
area around the tower location usable.

The upper bracket provides lateral support for 25G
wall supported towers. The lower bracket provides
both lateral & vertical support. The 25G base plate (not
shown) is provided with the mount to provide an
adjustable 6"-20" of clearance to the wall.

1. It is the purchaser's responsibility to verify that their installation and building structure are able to withstand all loads imposed by
the antenna system and mount.
2. All antenna installations should be grounded, by installer, to meet all applicable codes.
3. All parts are hot-dip galvanized after fabrication.
4. All sealant to be supplied by others, if required.
5. Local zoning, building codes, and insurance companies may require an architect or structural engineer's approval prior to
6. Inspect the mount and antenna installation every 6 months and after severe weatger.
7. Holes provided in mounting angles are 11/16" Diameter, for use with HDG 5/8" threaded rod, provided by others. Pre-drilled
holes are at 16" or 24" spacing. A minimum of 5' separation between the top and bottom brackets is recommended.