Pure Copper High Temperature Anti-Seize
1/4 lb Brush Top Container

Jet-Lube SS-30 Pure Copper Anti-Seize is the top choice of engineers and technicians in
government, industry and leading Amateur Radio contest stations, for protecting mechanical
assemblies of aluminum tubing, general hardware and copper grounding systems! On
bonded metal surfaces Jet-Lube SS-30 assures electrical and RF conductivity while
preventing oxidation and corrosion. Surpassing the capabilities of other aluminum
anti-oxidants, the wide temperature range of Jet-Lube SS-30 prevents long-term drying and
caking, and allows easy disassembly and effortless cleaning of parts.

1/4" Stud Ring Terminal (Blue)

$.50 each
1/4" Stud Ring Terminal (Yellow)

$.50 each
Silicone Self-Adhering Sealant Tape (Black)
Add number of feet desired in cart

$2.00 per foot
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Anti-Seize Thread Lubricant
Prevents sticking, galling, and seizing. High temp
copper formula, easy assembly & disassembly,
sensor safe. Great when assembling antennas.
0.14 oz.

$2.00 each
Double/Bubble Extra Fast Setting Epoxy
Work Time: 3-5 MINUTES! Bonds to concrete, stone,
wood, glass, metal, etc. Fills gaps. Will not shrink.
Contains no solvents. Each packet comes with an
applicator. Extremely high-quality epoxy; a must for
every toolbox.
3.5 grams

$2.00 each
Electrical Warning Sticker
Place on your tower, antenna, or anywhere else
people should be aware of the danger of having
metal around power lines. Same stickers that come
with ROHN products and many different antennas.

$1.00 for 2