Pure Copper High Temperature Anti-Seize
1/4 lb Brush Top Container

Jet-Lube SS-30 Pure Copper Anti-Seize is the top choice of engineers and technicians in
government, industry and leading Amateur Radio contest stations, for protecting mechanical
assemblies of aluminum tubing, general hardware and copper grounding systems! On
bonded metal surfaces Jet-Lube SS-30 assures electrical and RF conductivity while
preventing oxidation and corrosion. Surpassing the capabilities of other aluminum
anti-oxidants, the wide temperature range of Jet-Lube SS-30 prevents long-term drying and
caking, and allows easy disassembly and effortless cleaning of parts.


JET-LUBE SS-30 literally copper plates mating and sliding surfaces to provide
protection against seizure, galling, and heat-freeze. Its high content of copper
particles prevents metal-to-metal contact, maintaining lubrication qualities under
wide variations of temperature, expansion, contraction, and cyclic loadings.

Service Rating:
-65°F to 1800°F
-54°C to 982°C

  • Retains the equipment in serviceable condition.
  • Environmentally preferred anti-seize thread lubricant and conductive
    termination compound.
  • Contains high concentration of copper flakes which is required for heavy
    loads or compression.
  • Has controlled frictional characteristics so that the surfaces of the Nut &
    Bolt are torque to the designed K-Factor.
over each other without metal-to-metal contact.
  • Works as a similar and dissimilar metal between two metal surfaces to
    prevent seizing.
  • This compound formula will not melt in high temperatures and improves
    conductivity and ground continuity.

SS-30 has a high content of micro-size , pure copper flakes that are blended
into a non-melting, non-volatile base grease. It contains no lead or graphite,
does not require mixing, and will not separate, settle out, harden, or dry out in
storage. It is fortified with anti-oxidants and corrosion inhibitors.

SS-30 conductive compound for Taps, Lugs, Wiping Contacts, Drum Switches
and Slip Rings

For use on threaded or flanged connections in heat exchangers, furnaces, cat
crackers, and other high temperature applications.

Not recommened for use on oxygen lines. Not intended for use with aluminum
where galvanic corrosion could be a significant issue.