High Temperature Pure Nickel Anti-Seize Compound
1/4 lb Brush Top Container
Jet-Lube Part Number: 13655

Nikal consists of pure nickel flake and a nearly inert dispersing solid in a high quality
aluminum complex base grease that provides unsurpassed protection from rust by
water penetration or water washoff.

NIKAL does not contain copper, lead, graphite, molybdenum MOSL, chlorides or
other halogens, phosphorus, or silicones.

This item is NOT intended for use when assembling
antennas. See APPLICATIONS below for proper applications.


JET-LUBE NIKAL is a premium quality anti-seize and gasket compound for use in extreme
temperatures and hostile environments. The carrier of this remarkable compound
upon exposure to high temperatures and deposits a nickel metallic plating on threaded
connections, preventing metal-to-metal contact and guarding against seizure and galling.

Retains the equipment in serviceable condition.
This blend enhances anti-seize performance, containing flake particles of pure Nickel
other additives blended in a high temperature complex grease carrier.
Can be used when copper products are prohibited.
Has controlled frictional characteristics so that the surfaces of the Nut & Bolt are torque
to the designed K-Factor. Assures full hydraulic efficiency by allowing the metal surfaces
to slide over each other without metal-to-metal contact.


Specially formulated to prevent excessive over torque issues and has a very high static
friction factor of 0.15, the unique blend of complex thickeners to help evenly distribute
Nikal flake unto the metal surfaces to eliminate metal to threaded metal contact.

Used extensively in refineries, petrochemical plants, power generation facilities and
other harsh environments on items such as reactor bolts, heat exchangers, manifolds,
furnace hinges, manway studs, etc.

Not recommended for use on oxygen or LPG lines