High Temperature Copper Anti-Seize
1/4 lb Brush Top Container
Jet-Lube Part Number: 10055

KOPR-KOTE provides a shield against metal-to-metal contact, preventing seizure and
corrosion. It fills irregularities and imperfections and resists welding, hardening, or setting.
KOPR-KOTE provides low friction and cushions impact and shock loads. Low shear between
particles reduces stick-slip, allowing quick disassembly with minimum wrench torque. It will
not squeeze out of the threads, gum up, or wash off.

This item is NOT intended for use when assembling
antennas. See APPLICATIONS below for proper applications.


JET-LUBE KOPR-KOTE is a low-friction, anti-seize lubricant manufactured from
a combination of micro-size copper flakes and graphite dispersed in a
water-resistant grease and fortified with antioxidants, plus rust and corrosion
inhibitors. KOPR-KOTE contains CZ-EX®: JET-LUBE's EP additive, providing
protection unequalled by competitive brands.

Retains the equipment in serviceable condition
Environmentally safe formula is free of sulfur, lead, and other environmentally
undesirable metals
Assures protection against rust, oxidation, and corrosion
Will not harden, evaporate, or settle out; and requires no thinning
Water resistant and excellent for rough-cut threads made of cast iron, steel, and
most alloys
Has controlled frictional characteristics so that the surfaces of the nut & bolt are
torque to the designed K-Factor
Assures full hydraulic efficiency by allowing the metal surfaces to slide over each
other without metal-to-metal contact

Specially formulated to prevent excessive over torque issues and has a very
high static friction factor of 0.17, the unique blend of complex thickeners to help
evenly distribute the copper flake onto the metal surfaces to eliminate metal to
threaded metal contact.

KOPR-KOTE is ideal for use on threaded connections, pump housings, flanges,
studs, exhaust manifold bolts, compressor heads, autoclaves, lathe centers, etc.

Not recommended for oxygen services or on zinc coated parts or fasteners