Pull in a solid HD signal with Antennacraft's 5884 ColorKing HDTV antenna

Ideal for suburban areas

Pre-assembled and easy to install

Made in the USA

Up to 40 mile VHF Range low-band range, 60 mile VHF high-band range, 30 Mile UHF Range

Easy Snap-Open Assembly

Channel: 2-69

Electronic Elements: 25

Boom Length: 58"

Maximum Width: 102"

Vertical Height: 25"

Turning Radius: 58"

Element Diameter: .375"

Weight: 5 pounds

Gain (dB): VHF low: 2.5; VHF high: 6.5; UHF: 6.0

Half-power beam width: VHF low: 70.0º; VHF high: 39.8º; UHF: 45.4º

Front-to-back radio (dB): VHF low: 7.3; VHF high: 9.0; UHF: 9.9

CEA Rated GREEN for Channels 2-69

CEA Rated LIGHT GREEN for Channels 2-69 when amplified
(See 10G201)

Mileage is based on optimum condition over flat open terrain.

Transmitting antenna height and power and receiving antenna height and placement will affect overall
JSC Wire
Rotor Wire
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