Best used in mixed signal areas where both strong and weak signals are present

Boosts VHF signals an average of 16 dB and UHF signals 22 dB

This level of amplification provides just the right amount of boost for areas where both strong and weak signals are present.

The 10G201 also helps overcome system losses caused by long cable runs and multi-TV installations.

When do you need to amplify?
Proper use of a pre-amplifier can do wonders for an antenna installation. However, you must be careful, because too much
amplification can cause overload, resulting in no signal at all. More amplification is not always better. The sole purpose of an
amplifier is to offset signal loss due to long cable runs (over 75'), splitters, multiple TVs or other factors.

Noise Figure: <3.0 dB VHF, 2.6 dB UHF

FM Trap: >20 dB at 100 MHz

Mast mounted with an indoor power supply

Surface Mount Design

Internal RF Shielding

High-quality RF transistors

Switchable FM trap on the mast unit

Auto-resetting fuse provides protection against cable shorts

Front-end diode protection

Meets CEA Amplifier Specs

UL Listed AC Operation
Download 10G201 Owner's Manual
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