American Beauty's professional soldering kits combine our work-horse soldering irons with every
imaginable accessory required to help you produce the best solder joints, all in one rugged carrying
case. The combination of intense heat and unmatched durability yields a Heavy-duty iron that can
proudly be called an American Beauty and makes a versatile tool in any maintenance and repair
operation. We've talked to solder professionals across all disciplines in order to understand what's
necessary to get the job done and preserve the investment in your tool. Whether it be high quality
lead-free solder, fluxing agent, cleaning and tinning tools, stands and solder removal devices, you'll
find it in this kit.

Our 300-watt heavy-duty soldering iron is specifically engineered and built to generate intense heat to tackle
the most challenging roofing and sheet-metal soldering jobs.

The PSK300 (and Lead-bearing version) includes a complete array of all the solder, fluxes & sal ammoniac
required to ensure a professional solder seam every-time.

All the essential tools for maintaining your soldering iron have been included to ensure optimal heat transfer
for the life of your tool.

Our custom designed blow-modeled plastic case will ensure that your tool and accessories are protected on
the job site. Kit includes a light-weight stand. *Ensure soldering iron has had adequate time to cool prior to
returning to case.

Users of this product have stated that they use it for several jobs which include but are not limited to:
  • Soldering copper wire to copper foil
  • Soldering Soldering sheet metal (20 gauge & thinner copper gutters, scuppers, awnings, roofs and
  • Filling braided copper ground straps to create hermetic shield
  • Running seams on sheet metal pans (drip trays) for under furnace