American Beauty heavy-duty irons are ideal for heavy soldering jobs and production-line
environments. Created by compression winding a special Ni-Chrome heating alloy onto a steel
spool, all elements demonstrate an unsurpassed heat capacity and outstanding durability.
Protective casings cut from a single block of steel are strengthened with multiple heat treatments
and precision-brazed for optimal strength and efficiency. (Stand Included)

Ni-Chrome Compression Wound Heating Elements are proven to be the most reliable heating element for
maintaining soldering temperature in production environments.

Paragon Iron-Clad Lead-Free Soldering Iron Tips consistently outperform and outlast ordinary soldering
iron tips many times over.

Plug-style tip design provides for superior heat transfer and easy cleaning.

Modular construction allows for easy replacement of consumable parts allowing for tools to last for

Is a stand included? Yes
Product Length: 13 in / 33.02 cm
Maximum Temperature: 925 °F / 496.11°C
Wattage: 100 watts
RoHS Compliant: Yes
AMP Draw: < 1 Amp
Tip Diameter:  .375 in
Standard Tip Style: Diamond

Users of this product have stated that they use it for several jobs which include but are not limited to:
Soldering stained glass art-work
Soldering cover to enclosure on electronic assemblies for aircraft applications.
Soldering Copper shield for MRI
Melting plastic bubbles
Soldering wire terminations during fabrication of control panel
Soldering small points/connections
Soldering sheet metal, tin and copper
Burning holes in fabric
Soldering heavy jobs for home hobbyist
Soldering plumbing (sweating) thin-walled copper
Soldering sheet metal, joining seems in zinc countertops
Cutting PVC liners
Performing general household repairs
Soldering various connectors in Automotive Environment including battery cables