250 Watts (2.8 VAC) of Infinitely Variable Power provides the ideal combination of intensity
and control.

Light-weight, palm-sized hand piece with comfort grip padding minimizes operator fatigue.

Copper-coated, stainless steel electrodes can be easily bent, allowing the user to customize
the handpiece to their specific application.

Footswitch permits hands-free activation of power, vastly improving control of your
applications and virtually eliminating the sparking that is common with other brands of
resistance based systems.

Opening between Electrodes .25 in / 0.64 cm
Electrode Size/Diameter .078 in / 0.20 cm
Connection Type Tapered Pins

Users of this product have stated that they use it for several jobs which include but are not limited to:
  • Soldering wire terminations 18 AWG and finer
  • Soldering fiber optic cable into gold plated termination
  • Soldering lead wires to multi-pin tap switch & military connectors
  • Soldering component leads for through hole PCB assembly
  • Repairing fine jewelry
  • Repairing cable assemblies in submarines
  • Soldering delicate photo etch brass & stainless
  • Soldering microwave cable assemblies
  • Soldering in process of jewelry making
  • Removing an oxidized screw by heating
  • Soldering RF Connector PINs
  • Soldering surface mounted componet repairs
  • Repairing electrical and metal soldering joints
  • Repairing surface mount componets
  • Soldering parts/components onto aircraft
  • Soldering connectors on Remote Control Helicopters